Updates On Entries in the Ill-Fated Webcomic Directory Project?

I built a "library" of webcomics and creators back in the fall of 2005 which I put into beta before realizing it was too much editorial work to deal with and the same information could be better provided through the community edited webcomic wiki – COMIXPEDIA.

Nevertheless looking back on the assortment of names collected (some from me, some sent in from you) I wonder if anyone has any significant updates on these creators 18 months later. Maybe we should interview some of them?

All info below is circa-early 2006 (the links do work for now but will go away sometime this summer):

Pete Abrams

Abrams is working on a new book collection of Sluggy expected to be available by the end of the year.

Ben Adams
The first episode of Misfit’s Journey, “Mistaken Identity”, is 28 pages long and now appears in its entirety at www.misfitsjourney.com. In order to help make a name for himself, Adams has made the first episode completely free.

Presently on break, posting the ‘agami’ between arcs that is basically just there for fun and filler while I rest. 2 completed arcs presently available.

Liz Allen
I’m currently working at a internship for animation.

John Allison
Allison recently began drawing his webcomic Scary Go Round by hand again (departing from his digital/vector style). Scary Go Round is the 2005 WCCA Comic of the Year.

Rob Balder
A new book collection of PartiallyClips, "Suffering for my Clip Art: the Best of PartiallyClips, volume 1" has just been released.

Christopher Baldwin
Chris Baldwin recently announced a hiatus to his webcomic Bruno until January 2006.

John Barber
In 2005, Barber co-authored with Steven Withrow, the book, WEBCOMICS: Tools and Techniques for Digital Cartooning.

Andrew Bell
Bell published a new book this year, entitled Now You’ve Done It.

Ben Bittner
Cooking with Anne will be on hiatus until mid January.

Roy Boney, Jr.
Dead Eyes Open #2 is now in comic book stores.

Eddie Bowley
Bowley has produced posters to sell at the Thing 06. Come check them out.

Jennie Breeden
New monthly comic book of Devil’s Panties coming out – go preorder it now!

Neil Brideau
Sock-Monster is up for review at the Webcomics Book Club.

J.G. Brin
Currently updating The Crown Prince.

Sam Brown
Brown will be in Florida this December.

Matt Buchwald
I like Cheese.

Adam Burke
The Splendid Everlasting has now switched to a Tuesday & Friday update schedule and OhNoRobot transcription tags are being added to the archives to allow readers to help create a searchable database for it.

Brendan Cahill
Check out a sneak peek of Dabria a forthcoming comic book by Cahill and John Barber.

T Campbell
T Campbell rolled out a new lineup of webcomics at Graphic Smash.

Eddie Caplan
Eddie Caplan is the writer and "artist" of Line Item Vito, which updates Mondays and Thursdays.

Miguel Caron
Caron moved in mid-2005 and has not returned to updating his webcomic White Hydra.

Greg Carter
I’ve started a new comic, Abandon, that takes place seven years after No Frailty and much has changed in that time. I hope you enjoy this sequel.

Enrico Casarosa
Casarosa wrote in his blog this past October: Haiku5-7-5 has been on hiatus but he expects to post new updates in 2006.

Gary Chaloner
A new e-Bay store with original art for sale has just opened with a whole stack of Batman/Manhunter pages for sale. More stuff soon! Check it out – click here.

Steven Cloud
In mid-2005, Cloud joined up with the Dumbrella crew.

D.J. Coffman
Coffman is now creating his signature strip Yirmumah without former partner Bob McDeavitt.

Neil Cohn
This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the love with "A Love Story"

Frank "Damonk" Cormier
Cormier, along with wife Meaghan Quinn, has been relatively quiet in 2005.

Chris Daily
Chris Daily likes you, and wish you would write more.

Alexander Danner
Holy crap, Panel One has a third character! And she’s not a rectangle!

Greg Dean
But not as much as he did before.

Jerzy Drozd
The Front celebrates its 3-year anniversary this week. 3 years and 168 pages of ancient weapons users, giant robots, and abominable snowmen!

Joe Dunn
Joe Loves Crappy Movies hits its 100th episode!

Sarah Ellerton
Ellerton officially unsubscribed from World of Warcraft.

Patrick Farley
In 2005, Farley has remained fairly quiet. His last updated webcomics project was a joint effort with Justine Shaw entitled Mother of All Bombs.

Barb Fischer
Just got through the Three Comic Pileup (Fragile Gravity, Bassetville, & Conscrew) and is now working through the end of the Penguin War arc.

Quinn Fleming
My webcomic, Clown Samurai is getting reviewed on buzzComix this month.

Tom Floyd
We’re approaching the end of Chapter 2 of Captain Spectre.

Anthony Furtado
The third issue of Elf `n Troll, "The Crossing" begins Monday Feb. 20th. Check it out HERE!

Paul Gadzikowski
As of the New Year 2006, approaching 600 consecutive daily updates at Arthur, King of Time and Space.

cat garza
cat has returned to updating Magic Inkwell and has been experimenting with music embedded in his webcomics.

Daniel Goodbrey
In 2005, Goodbrey released a new version of the Tarquin Engine (for creating and presenting infinite canvas webcomics) and has created several webcomics in the Clickwheel format for the iPod.

Meredith Gran
Gran has put webcomics on indefinite hold while she is working on her thesis for her degree in animation. She plans to put her final student film online for all when it’s done.

Brad Guigar
Guigar organized the successful Webcomics Telethon fundraiser for victims of the Far East tsunami.

Eric Gustafson
Recently started new conservative webcomic, Winger.

Steve Harrison
Video Fabricari is back. Time-lapse movies, page goes from layout to inks in minutes. QuickTime 7 format – better video. DJ I.Z. mixes the audio.

Onezumi Hartstein
Check out the newest Giveaway Contest from Onezumi.com. "Visiting Onezumi.com May Send You to Hell[sing]", details on our forum site here.

Brad Hawkins
Monkey Law will be kicking off the new year (starting Wednesday, Jan 4) with a new-reader-friendly storyline! Get into it!

Lea Hernandez
In October 2005, after two and half years, Lea Hernandez stepped down from editing the Girlamatic webomic subscription site. She also started writing a column for Herorealm called "I’m Huring Com

Dan Hernandez
Only a few copies of Dreadful Days Vol. 1 book left.

Lee Adam Herold
Could it be? Yes! Chopping Block is updating again.

Larry Holderfield
There is a book in the works. A collection of short stories inspired by Sinister Bedfellows, including work by other print- and web- comic writers as well as mainstream authors.

Greg Holkan
[nemesis] wraps up Chapter Four Monday with a dire situation for Ravenette and her partner, Discharge.

Stuart Immonen
New webcomic: Never As Bad As You Think is a laterally-sequential weekly strip with a cast of thousands and an on-the-fly plot inspired by random "seed" words.

Be sure to check out the latest Cybertropolis Mini-Byte: CUPID’S ARROW, at Cybertropolis.com!

Jeph Jacques
I started work on a TOP SECRET PROJEKT today. Also I re-re-relaunched IndieTits.

Bryant Paul Johnson
New installment of the Antecedent at Comixpedia.

Phil Kahn
Kahn contributed to roundtable discussions presented in recent articles in the Webcomics Examiner and Comixpedia.

Indigo Kelleigh
Kelleigh is the organizer of the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR which took place this year on October 1st.
Dave Kelly
Testing in Greytown

Kazu Kibuishi
Through December, Kibuishi is teaching a Character Design Workshop at Gnomon. And on Nov. 11th-12th, he”ll be at the Savannah College of Art and Design to attend the Comic Arts Forum.

James Kochalka
Kochalka continues to update American Elf online and has a new comic book called Super F**kers out.

Abby L
Now that’s green!

Hope Larson
She’s From Away appears weekly in Halifax’s The Coast.
Josh Lesnick
I started a webcomic blog at talkaboutbomics.com. It promises to be friendly and informative. It’s lying.
Chris Lowrance
Framed: Greensboro, NC has updated! In a departure from the usual, this month Framed follows creator Chris Lowrance as he bar-hops on his 21rst birthday. Did he break his hands in a bar fight

Jenn Manley Lee
Dicebox was nominated for a 2005 Ignatz Award.

BJ Mansfield
Currently o­ne of the three founding members of "Otheriginal Studios", along with Tunod and "ODL1".

Gordon McAlpin
"Stripped Books: A Comics Panel" is complete (finally!), and Stripped Books is now on hiatus while Gordon concentrates on Multiplex for the near future.

Les McClaine
No Update Available

Scott McCloud
McCloud is working on a new book, Making Comics about comics storytelling. The book is the third in the series that began with 1993’s Understanding Comics. It is due for release in mid to late 2006.
Dylan Meconis
If you’re in Portland hire Dylan! She’s looking for freelance work.

Erik Melander
vir Bonus is updating again after the one week hiatus.
Josh Mirman
Punks and Nerds has one sponsorship slot still open this month.

Jon Morris

Chris Moujaes
Battlegate is currently #3 on the Webbed Comics list.

Wing L Mui
Wing has started a new comic called Seventh Draft, which is a departure from his ongoing comic about bubbly bunnies that talk and go on adventures.

Graham Mutch
Graham is so hyper-sensitive that when he saw the comic he co-authours (Words & Pictures) was credited exclusively to his partner, he shit his still-beating heart. I mean, Jamie doesn’t even know who Alan Moore IS!

Wayne Myers
Combined band / webcomic project continues three-times weekly comic updates. Search for musicians continues, with plenty of other stuff going on meanwhile. More rehearsals next week. And comics, obviously.

Jamie Noguchi
Jamie Noguchi will be appearing at Katsucon, February 17-19.

Ryan North
On the messageboard we’re taking Garfield comics and removing the animal dialogue, so it’s only Jon talking. The comic becomes really sad, and also really funny.

Tyler Page
Page did this month’s Sequential Tart cover and is interviewed there as well.

Andrea Peterson
No Rest For The Wicked is being translated into Italian, courtesy of Franco Bonalumi. As of now the first chapter is available.
Meaghan Quinn
Quinn and husband Frank Cormier have been relatively quiet in 2005.

Jamie Robertson
Clan of the Cats will be going to a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday schedule for a while.

Kevin Robertson
"Beyond the Punchline" is a satirical look at the biggest "news-maker" of the day. Coming at you, 5 days a week!

Jonathan Rosenberg
Rosenberg continues to work on Goats and MegaGamerz.

Tiffany Ross
There’s a new Shivae Community Center for fans of Shivae and other work by Ross.

Jeffrey Rowland
Rowland moved to Connecticut this year.

Krishna Sadasivam
The PC Weenies, is one of the net’s longest running webcomics (at 7 years and growing). Focusing on all aspects of technology humor and geek culture, the PCW updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Desmond Seah
Seah’s webcomic Bigger Than Cheese is currently #13 on the buzzComix top list.

Chris Shadoian
Popcorn Picnic is Chris Shadoian’s newest webcomic series.

Jason Siebels
Anywhere But Here has now been picked up for syndication by the Alternative Fargo Newspaper The High Plains Reader.

Charles Snow
Chapter 25 of Sordid City Blues is in progress.

Paul Southworth
Southworth left Keenspot.

Nathan Spargo
Nerds continue to BE … IN … SPACE …
Jerry Stephens
Leftville is the spotlight comic over at Everything Cartooning this week.

Richard Stevens
Valentine’s Day cards you can email or print out and mail from Diesel Sweeties.

Kristofer Straub
Straub recently changed the name of his latest webcomic from Starship Crisis to Starslip Crisis.

Katie Sweet
I’ll be running a fan art/fan fic contest until March 27th to celebrate Juathuur’s 1st Anniversary.

Howard Tayler
In mid-2005, Tayler joined the Blank Label Comics group.

Paul Taylor
Hey gang, you can still get the book, Wapsi Square: Volume 1, while supplies last!
Justin Thompson
Picked by Scott Adams in a public competition to be the new artist for the Mike Belkin-penned comic strip Unfit.

Steve Troop
Troop joined the newly formed Blank Label Comics collective.

Tom Truszkowski
Today’s strip up at Station V3 is the 1,000th!

James Turner
The first Beaver & Steve book: A Shoeful of Trouble is out. It collects the first year in 100 full color pages.

Sara Turner
File 49 wraps up this month.

Neil Von Flue
Won (along with collaborator Alexander Danner) 2005 WCCA Award for Best Flash Webcomic for Five Ways To Love a Cockroach.
Drew Weing
Currently working on the webcomic Set To Sea about an unfortunate poet.

Julia Wertz
Wertz started a new journal webcomic called Fart Party!

Tracy White
White continues to add updates to traced.com

David Willis
Willis shuffled around his empire of It’s Walky-related webcomics this year.
Xaviar Xerexes
Do the Dew, dude.
Case Yorke
New website layout and a fresh rerun of Aren’t We Real.
Joe Zabel
The Webcomics Examiner recently moved to a weekly update schedule.

Jim Zubkavich
Zubkavich has been quiet in 2005 with no new webcomic work released this year.

Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.

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