Using Your Cartooning Powers to Fight Crime

A cartoonist in Australia has used his special powers to fight crime. After confronting a burglar who stole his grandson’s bike, Bill “WEG” Green drew a caricature of the man for police that had the alleged culprit in custody within 30 minutes.

Cartoonist Bill “WEG” Green, 82, is famous in Australia for his AFL Grand Final posters.

The culprit is expected to be charged on summons with theft, burglary, assault and criminal damage following a string of offences in the area the same morning.

So, a note to all cartoonists out there – just always remember to use your powers for good, not evil.



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  1. Using Your Cartooning Powers to Fight Crime

    Sweet hell, I dont want to see anyone in comics wearing spandex.

    Well, maybe the people on Abby L’s “Sexy List”… BUT THAT’S IT!

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