Was Pulling the Genre Categories From the WCCAs A Good Idea?

Here’s a pretty intense discussion of recent changes in the WCCAs at Eric Millikin’s livejournal with Meaghan (Ocarina) who is actually married to current WCCA chairman Frank Damonk. Forewarned – lots of "drama" in there but I link to it mainly because I’ve seen almost zero discussion of the big change to the WCCA this year — no genre categories.

For what it’s worth I agree with what I read of Eric’s position in that throwing out the Fetus X nomination a few years ago was a mistake, the WCCAs by definition are supposed to be based on votes and there should not have been any kind of "veto" like the executive committee enacted that year. On the other hand, most of the rest of Eric’s complaints about the contents and hosting of the WCCA website are not persuasive to me as I don’t see any other "awards" around that seem to reach his implied level of "purity" — he doth protest too much.

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