We Hope You Get Better Quick: Kaja Foglio

Phil Foglio posted earlier this week that his wife Kaja Foglio was hospitalized this past Saturday after suffering an attack related to Chrohn’s disease. Kaja is the co-writer with Phil of their popular comic series Girl Genius. Phil stated that they will continue to post Girl Genius (although he warned that Kaja is the technical expert of the two so that updates online will depend on Kaja's ability to "walk me through everything on the phone at this point."

Yesterday Phil posted that Kaja had improved enough to come home from the hospital. Comixpedia wishes a speedy recovery to Kaja and notes that Phil also invited folks to send Kaja get-well cards care of Studio Foglio to 2400 NW 80th St. #129 Seattle, WA 98117-4449 USA.


Xaviar Xerexes

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