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In our continuing search for the ultimate in webcomic automation systems, we bring you links to several not-quite-there-yet open source projects. Some require access to a MySQL database and other do not – this is obviously a key consideration if your host does not provide you with access to a MySQL database with your account. The three we review today do not require MySQL databases.

First, X-Comic 3.0, which does give you automated first, back, next and last buttons. It doesn't appear to have a drop-down menu, or calendar system. It does however, have a support forum and appears to be under continuing development. You can see x-Comic in action at the Misfits of Fandom webcomic.

Next is CBrowser Archive Script which does not require a MySql database. I tried installing this one but didn't have a heck of a lot of success. It appears to possibly require you to hand-edit the php files as you add more comics – hardly automating anything. In any event because there is no home page or support forum associated with the script to request help it's a poor choice for now.

Finally for today, there is ComicPro which is a polished looking program with a password protected admin page built into it. On the admin page the user should be able to upload comics, assign titles to each comic; delete or modify uploaded comics; and change the template for showing your comic. One advantage of this script being that you do not have to use FTP to upload the comics. The script supports back and next and a dropdown menu but does not appear to support a calendar. There is also a beta version which supports including a "rant" with the comic, but it is described as a very buggy beta at this point. Overall, this looks promising and does have an active support forum. However, on my test install of the program I am encountering some apparent database errors that I have not yet resolved.


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  1. Also, I’m currently cobbling together a README for my own package, which I call StripShow. It will be available from somewhere on my website probably this weekend

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