Webcomic Awareness Day Coming May 5th

Jim Alexander writes:

A last reminder about WCA2003…

May 5th and our third annual WCA is less than two weeks away.

We currently have more than 60 web cartoonists signed on to do a special contribution strip for that day, as well as about a dozen others who are tenatively considering a WCA2003 strip (circumstances permitting).

Howard Tayler has mentioned that “The Pulse” is supposed to cover the event. Mark Mekkes has mentioned that he’s going to plug the event during a local radio interview in Florida next week.

The current list of participants spans a full range of online comics. We have several members from Keenspot, Keenspace, Modern Tales, The Nice, and a lot of independents who aren’t affiliated with any particular group (or groups). There are a few dozen return participants from previous years (many 3-time participants) as well as a lot of newcomers (our most newcomers ever).

For those of you who’ve said you’d like to participate, but haven’t yet sent me the URL for your WCA2003 page, please do so as soon as possible.

Currently, some of the folks signed up to contribute to WCA2003…

Scott Kellogg, Bill Holbrook, Howard Tayler, Normand Bilodeau, Mike Johnson, John Troutman, B.G. Aesop, Kathryn White, Seth C. Triggs, Jaime Robertson, Jeff Swenson, Dan DeMura, Andrew Hoffman, Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder, Donna Barr, Robert & Margaret Carspecken, Chris Impink & Barb Fischer, Matt Gasser, Brad Guiger, Mike Rosen, Christopher Wright, Rob McGrath, Aric Campling & Len Babiev, Richie Datsun, Leonard Cachola, Kevin Wadlow, Andrew Graham, Jeff Kyle, Steve Ince, Russ Williams, Dawn Douglass, Bryan Richter, Gene Yang, Srdjan Achimovich, Matt Gasser, David “Dutch” Koppenhaver, Ariana, J.R. Cook, Amanda Crichton, Rob Balder, Jason Furness, Thomas Deeny, David Smith, Garey McKee, Scott Maddix, E. Bernhard Warg, Dark Artist, T. Campbell & John Waltrip, Clint Boskey, Brian Babendererde, Warren Lawrence, Jeff Swenson, Matt Roberts, Peter Conrad, The Brothers Grinn, James Chambers & Richard Clark, Rhea Halter, Alex Gullett, Clint Hollingsworth, Aeire, Mark Mekkes, and me (Jim Alexander).

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