Webcomic Fields Forever

Welcome to the Thursday news report.

Just FYI, the December issue of Comixpedia magazine should be available late Sunday/early Monday – we’ll only be publishing for two weeks this month because of the holidays. We will also be sending you to the BETA site for the articles because we need to see how it does under some real volume of use. (The articles will be available here too in case the BETA site goes down)

I’m not sure when this was posted, but it looks like Michael McKay-Fleming will not be regularly updating Alice! until next year, January 2nd.

Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) links to an interesting interview with Liza Coppola, Viz Media Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

It looks like Coffee Achievers is updating again. This is Mitch Clem’s other webcomic with art by Joe Dunn. Although updated sporadically this year, it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Slick gets.. a.. date.. with Monique? Chalk that up as another sign of the impending Apocalypse…

Boing BOING reports that a video game based on Dinosaur Comics is the first game under development by a group making new games for the opensource MAME platform.

The creators of Applegeeks will be guests at MagFest, a video-game convention, which takes place in Charlottesville, VA next January. Apparently this is the first time they’ve been invited to a non-manga/anime convention.

And a nice essay from Eric Burns this morning on “Best of” lists. There’s also quite a comment thread going on to the news post about Stuart Robinson’s compilation of a list pulled from del.icio.us bookmarks. I’d have to agree with Eric 98% on this one. Any list is opinion and like all opinions should be evaluated by the listeners as to content and the source behind it. (It’s important to remember that most lists don’t make pretensions to being “awards” and so shouldn’t raise all of the WCCA-related award issues). And given the huge number of webcomics now, it’s inevitable that very few people are going to completely agree with any “list” in its entirety.

For myself, I very much appreciate a well-thought out effort to craft such a list, even if I find myself shaking my head at some of the choices – it’s not a trivial exercise to make a well-informed recommendation on a subject as vast as webcomics. And not surprisingly despite the large nunber of webcomics I’ve read, I still often find on such lists something new that I really enjoy.