WebComic Forums To Shutdown

After two years of offering webcomic artists a home for their forums, founder Chris Cantrell reported to Comixpedia that WCF is closing its doors due to a lack of growth and interest in the community. The current forum posts will most likely remain online through the end of August, at which time the entire database will be deleted.

Cantrell stated that he and the staff of WCF wished to thank the artists and writers who have supported this project and helped it get off the ground.



  1. Wow, Comicon.com and TalkAboutComics.com and the Comixpedia forums and the Keenspot forums are all going to shut down?

    Oh. Oh, wait.

  2. BTW, the domain name is on sale for a steal! Just $10,000! (just kidding) After looking at the various communities online, we came to this decision just because there were so many quality communities. We had a pretty large membership base but it seemed like 95% of them were lurkers and not talkers which made the place a ghost town.

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