Webcomic Jones and the Cintiq Skull

If you haven't read enough about how bad the new Tokyo Pop contest contract is read Tom Spurgeon's straightforward breakdown of the various flavors of crap contained within it.  (Lea Hernandez also has links to most of the posts on the subject here.)

Will Wheaton and Greg Williams have a webcomic up about nostalgia — Star Wars action figures to be specific.

Joe Infurnari who does the Eisner-nominated webcomic, The Process, announced he will also be posting a new webcomic titled The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad on the ACT-I-VATE site.

Comics Worth Reading has a short review of the print collection of the webcomic America Jr.

Word Balloons has a review of Kean Soo's Jellaby book.

The Chemistry Set webcomics collective is set to publish an anthology of their comics called No Formula.

I really like this t-shirt from Dorothy Gambrell (Cat and Girl).

NerdWorld has a post up about the freshly released Penny Arcade game and the almost here Homestar Runner game.

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