The Webcomic List Awards – The Results

The Webcomic List, an site that shows when webcomics have updated, started an award this year with voting open to the public at large. Award nominees were limited to webcomics listed on The Webcomic List. The votes have been counted and the winners announced.

Ctrl-Alt-Del took the award for Best Overall Comic.

A number of the awards went to gaming comics such as Penny Arcade, Little Gamers and Ctrl-Alt-Del.



  1. I’m not suprised…Most of the people I talked to about this had already predicted the results.

    Here’s an idea: Maybe some of the people who do these award things could try looking a little more off the beaten path. There are a hell of a lot of really great comics out there that don’t get noticed all that much and could use the exposure.

    Anyway…just me thoughts…

  2. From what I recall this award was simply a popularity contest – anyone who had an account at the site could vote for any of the webcomics listed on the site (there may have been some kind of nomination round I’m forgetting about but the awards were definitely decided by open voting).

    So it’s not a surprise that really popular comics won it.

    There’s a big range of ways to do awards – WCCA, for example limits voting to webtoonists (that’s still too loose a voting pool for some folks but others seem to think it works out okay).

    You might also do something like a juried film festival where experts on a panel picked the winners from the entries to the festival.

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