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This is a great list of graphic novels focused on ones that would appeal to people who think they don't like comic books (i.e., superheroes)

Comics Worth Reading says nice things about Dicebox. Comixpedia has reviewed Dicebox twice before – it's a great read

David Willis reports that T Cambbell's History of Webcomics is in stores. Our archives are still a little wonky but this search pulls up most of the series T wrote at Comixpedia that the book is based on. The book has updated and expanded on the original series so if you like the articles here at Comixpedia there's plenty of new material in the book to check out.

Wow – a soccer team has adopted the Toothpaste For Dinner webcomic as its namesake. Maybe a whole new market for webcomic t-shirts! Smile

Tom Spurgeon catches an article on an Indian comics-on-cell phones company.

And in notwebcomic news, the next Muppet movie: The Bear Wit Project!

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