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Scott McCloud posted a short bit about the "default" shape of comics – in response to the single-sheet-of-paper-like dimensions of the new Kindle DX.  Interesting 50+ comment thread ensues.  Grab a cup of coffee first…

I’m not sure this is THAT interesting — a publisher called PictureBox put out a press release that they’ll be giving a deluxe package to people who pre-order their two new graphic novels.  It’s not clear that PictureBox is relying on the pre-orders in order to raise the funds to print the books, but it seems likely from the way the press release is phrased.  This seems like a fairly common strategy for indy web-oriented creators these days, especially as a means to gauge actual fan support for print versions of webcomics.

Daryl Cagle writes about his decision to add support for embedding into his political cartoon syndication site.  Let me just suggest given the very nature of the Internet that everything is embeddable (legality aside for a sec) and everyone really needs to ask themselves how to deal with it.  A long time ago, I (and a lot of other practicing cartoonists), probably fell on the side of keeping the comics on the website created for them, but nowadays I think I would want my work to appear wherever it could.

I really wish I was going to the Toronto comics convention this weekend (TCAF) — it has a fantastic lineup of artists.  Journalista! links to a bunch of ’em: Ross Campbell, Diana Tamblyn, Chip Zdarsky, Jason Thompson, Ramon Perez, Valerie Sury, Eric Wight, Frank Cammuso, Zen Rankin, Michael J. Hind, Dustin Harbin, Joe Bluhm, Jason Turner, Jim Zubkavich, Rina Piccolo

Nerd Girl does not like Tim Buckley or his webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Don’t get her started!


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