Webcomic Superstars Trading Cards

Those whacky nuts at Keenspace are at it again. Why should sports stars get all the glory of being immortalized in trading card form? Well now you can do something about that with the Webcomic Superstars Trading Cards event. Search the web for elusive photos of your favorite webcomic artists then assemble them into trading cards with the handy graphic templates provided.

Got ‘im. Got ‘im. Got ‘im. Need ‘im. Got ‘im. Need ‘im. Doubles. Need ‘im.




  1. Finally I can fling Josh Lesnick and Damonk towards a wall to see who lands closes without being charged with assault.

  2. Yeah, but when do we get the CCG?

    Damonkachu, I choose you!

  3. And I just stuck Michael Poe in the spokes of my bicycle wheel to make it sound really cool when I ride it.

  4. Heh.

    Those are freaking hilarious.

    I bet that in the CCG (which, believe it or not, was something that some ‘toonist friends and I had been thinking of creating after last year’s Comic-Con), a Damonk card where I’m NOT holding a beer would be considered an UltraRare.

    Dammit, now you guys have me wanting to play M:TG again.

  5. Webcomic Magic cards would rule. Then we can see how long we could go without getting sued!

    Then again, Greg Dean got away with it…

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