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I have been losing interest in tracking the latest Platinum Studios/WOWIO outrage but for what its worth FLEEN points to some recent links on creators allegedly still not getting paidJournalista! links to Todd Allen’s take on the current PLATINUM-ized WOWIO business and finds a lot to be pessimistic about.  And Sean Kleefeld looks at some metrics that show a serious drop-off in WOWIO’s traffic.

Youth Radio has an interview with Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl. (h/t Journalista!)

The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs blog writes about the online comics category nominees at the recent Ignatz awards and has a mini-interview with nominee Tracy White of TRACED.

The same Washington Post blog is running a poll on what to replace Opus with now that Berke Breathed has vacated the funny pages again.

Prism Comics debuts its latest comic, Joe Carr’s The Catty Corner.

ComicMix discovers Rich Burlew’s Order Of The Stick.

FLEEN also has a short, interesting bit on the intersection of videogames and webcomics.  In particular there’s a link to BRAID a new game that David Hellman, the artist from the too-short-lived A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible,  was the art director for.  While FLEEN did note the Penny Arcade plug for BRAID, they didn’t mention the all important endorsement from rapper Soulja Boy.

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