Webcomics Examiner announces essay contest

For our June 13th issue, The Webcomics Examiner is conducting an essay contest called The Triangulation Challenge. The object of the contest is to inspire new ideas about webcomic art; it’s not intended to be taken seriously.


1. The writer picks three webcomics; the writer can use any criteria they want for picking them. For example, you might ask a friend to pick them for you.

2. Using the three webcomics as a reference, the writer invents a Grand Theory of Webcomics, i.e., a theory of some sort that seemingly applies to many other webcomics.

3. The writer should invent the theory only after picking the three comics.

4. It is permissible for the theory to be impossible, satirical, or surreal.

5. The theory need not be specific to webcomics.

6. The writer should give the theory a name.

7. The writer need not believe the theory, but in the essay they should play the devils advocate and defend it to the hilt.

8. The length of the essay is entirely dependent on what the writer needs to explain. It could be only a few paragraphs, or it could be several thousand words.

9. The first draft of the essay must be completed within two hours. Polishing, embellishing, and looking up references may be done afterwards. Any amount of polishing and embellishing is allowed after the two hours, but the basic idea should emerge from the two-hour brainstorm.

10. The winner of the competition is the writer who comes up with the most useful theory, “useful” being a highly subjective term.

11. The best entries will be published in The Webcomics Examiner and will be submitted to a panel of judges who will pick a winner. No prizes, but buckets of glory!

12. All entries should be sent to Joe Zabel (joezabel@yahoo.com). Entries MUST be received by midnight, June 3rd to allow the judges time for their deliberations before we publish on June 13th.