Webcomics Examiner’s Triangulation Challenge

The search for a Grand Theory of Webcomics prompts essay contestants Alexander Danner, Brandy Danner, Steven Withrow, Tym Godek, Eric Burns, Shaenon Garrity, Rob Balder, Welton Colbert, Ryan Estrada, and Joe Zabel to consider 27 webcomics from uniquely skewed perspectives, in the latest issue of The Webcomics Examiner.

Zabel conceived of the Challenge as “a way of encouraging new and unusual ideas.” Contest entries range from surreal to satirical, and the winning entry injects an especially odd aspect.

Also this issue:

* Tym Godek considers the deeper meaning of speech patterns in Scary Go Round, Achewood, and 1/0 in the essay “Who Talks Like That?”

* Shaenon Garrity reviews Spike’s Lucas and Odessa.

* The Webcartoonist Choice Awards nominees are listed with links to associated Examiner reviews.




  1. This saddens me. I got all excited about that essay contest. Bookmarked it. Came home from school for the summer, leaving the bookmark and memories of the contest on my other computer 🙁

  2. Reva– Sorry you missed the official contest, but if you want to do the Challenge anyway, we’ll certainly be willing to consider it as a submission for the September issue (deadline 9/2/2005).

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