Webcomics search engine JUST FOR YOU

Ohnorobot.com is a new and free and awesome webcomics search engine. You can easily (and for free) build your own personalized search engine for just your own comic. It allows readers to find the comics they’re looking for with super speed.

UPDATE: T Campbell confirms that the site is having server issues right now.

Many webcomics (like my own Whispered Apologies) have large archives but no real way to search these archives – Ohnorobot.com lets you have a search engine built for your own comic, and lets you and your readers transcribe the comics in your archives quickly and easily. You can read more about it here! It is free and all you have to add to your page is a bit of Javascript and I hope you like it! David Hellman of A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible did the logo and it is ADORABLE.



  1. Looks like the site’s having some problems – just brings up “this account has been suspended” for me.

  2. Currently the site is up. We’re assessing our relationship with our current host. We expected to grow fast, but didn’t expect to exceed their limits quite this early. Suggestions for alternate hosting are welcome.

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