Webcomics Should Be Good?

TNPPress launches (it’s a reboot of The Noir) — a webcomic collective and community.  Live long and draw good comics!

Comics Worth Reading interviews Gina Biggs of Red String.
Comics Worth Reading interviews Kevin Church of snarky blogging and the comic about a comic book shop, The Rack.
Chris Irving interviews Joe Infurnari of The Process and Ultralad.

I read Sean Kleefeld’s description of also-ran comic book distributor Haven and I don’t think anything he points to justifies the optimistic tone he takes.  The one thing that’s very true about comics is how easy it is to set up shop in comics.  It means it’s easy for a couple of people to start a business and get noticed.  It doesn’t really say much about the actual viability of the business plan.

Warren Ellis invites webcomic creators to pitch their work to his vast hordes of readers.

Blake Chen’s The Twiight Lady looks interesting — about a year’s worth of archives right now.  Self-described as "Twilight Lady is about an immortal soul trapped in the prison of the body." It’s got poseur-style artwork going on – a little stiff at times but overall I didn’t find it too problematic.  At a point where it seems like Chen is catching a good groove with the work and worth checking out.



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