WEBCOMICSTOCK and some other news

Later in March of this year be sure to make it to WEBCOMICSTOCK — okay they’re calling it Webcomic Weekend but really it’s gonna be like WEBCOMICSTOCK.  Actually I don’t think any of us are old enough to appreciate that lame pun so maybe Webcomic Weekend was a better choice after all.  Go check out Gary’s post for the most currentest-y details to date on this soon-to-be an oh-yeah-I-was-there kind of event.

HALF PIXEL (minus Scott Kurtz) hits Katsucon in Arlington VA this weekend.

Scott Kurtz writes about his experiences at the recent New York Comicon.

Tom Spurgeon reports that the exhibitor information for the next MOCCAfest is up on the web.

Many folks are linking to the now-finished long form webcomic Bodyworld.  With good reason – great read.

CBR has an interview with Brendan McGinley who created Hannibal Goes to Rome which was on ZUDA.

Heather Massey has a good post titled "Dear Publishers, Girls Read Comics Too.



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