Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hope everyone is having a good week and maybe, reflecting on a good year?  Or maybe looking ahead to the next one!

First off, congrats to everyone who donated and is helping with Penny Arcade Inc.’s Child’s Play charity drive.  They’ve reportedly raised over a million dollars already!  Wow – for something that started in part to give the finger to Jack Thompson, this has turned into a wonderful institution.

Next, are you on The Comics Reporters’ Local Scene list?  If not and you are a comics-type person, you should email Tom Spurgeon with your vitals.

Robot 6 reviews Princess Planet and Merlin’s All Knowledge Is Strange.  It’s good to check in with Merlin every so often to see if he’s off on another experimental stretching-the-boundaries-of-comics kind of project.  This isn’t one of those but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Derik Badman completes his 30 days of comics project.  Derik’s one of the smarter people in comics I’ve met (online at least) and his comics are always a bit challenging (in a good way).  He reminds me sometimes of an old favorite of mine — Russ Williams’ Ko Fight Club.

Cameron Steward used the Brushes app on his iPhone to keep a sketchbook while traveling in Europe. Fantastic stuff!  (Here’s a link to the Brushes app)

Optimum Wound blog has a guide for submissions to a whole lot of comics publishers.  (h/t Journalista!)


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