Wednesday Stuff About Webcomics

Did I mention SPX is this weekend?  Other stories of note:

Brigid Alverson reviews various iPhone apps for comics.
Gizmodo covers leaked information on Microsoft's new tablet computer.

Newsarama has a story on the webcomic Wide Awake and that Jarrod Feliciano and Mirjana Novkovic at Do-Over Productions recently optioned the film rights to it.  Do-Over Productions on its facebook page describes itself as "Do-Over Productions is a New York based independent production company. We love stories. Especially epic stories – not in their presentation, but in their content – epic in what they make you think and feel."

Scott McCloud commands that you read Derek Kirk Kim's new webcomic, Tune.  I do too.

Fallout Boy Pete Wentz now making FallOut Boy comics – an interview with the musician here.
Coverage of Randall Munroe's recent book reading and signing for xkcd: volume 0.  Video too.


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