Wednesday, Wackity Wednesday

First off a personal plea: I’ve been busy and fallen way behind on all things-Comixpedia-related. Please be patient with me in waiting for a response and if something is truly time-sensitive please reemail it to me with something in the subject about that. (xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com).

So the news:’s wiki for webcomics has decided to call itself “Comixpedia, the Free Webcomic Encyclopedia” which is probably going to cause confusion with this site but I’ll see what the feedback is on that before raising the issue with the community. BTW, there’s a TON of entries there now and the new front page updates every two days or so with a new highlighted entry. If you haven’t stopped by in awhile you really should.

SquirrelWorks is hosting a new He-Man 6-Disc DVD Collection giveaway contest made possible by KLEWMedia. Click here to enter and a chance to win.

Harry McCracken writes a recommendation for the new Wallace & Grommit movie. Not sure when that’ll be released but I’ll definitely see that one.

Perhaps like me you’ve been busy? I’m catching up on Eric’s and Greg’s webcomic and I realized that there’s no “archive” page (or at least it’s not working for me this morning) so if you want to dive back into this one, here’s a link to the start of the second chapter. (I’m also catching up on Goats which recently published what is surely now Phil Kahn’s favorite all-time webcomic. Khaaan!!!)

Finally, Tom Spurgeon points out that Bookslut has an interview with Matt Madden. Madden’s new book is 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style which I understand is largely based on material collected on his website, “Exercises in Style“.


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