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Brigid Alverson has an article on whether the Eisner’s Digital Comics category is really considering the ‘web-iness" of the comics in selecting it’s nominees.  I agree with the sense that web or digital categories seems to group nominees that have little else to do with each other (and given the increasing scope of web publishing of comics we’re almost to the day when every comic in theory will be eligible for a "webcomic" category) and people ought to be thinking more about refining these things.  I don’t have a specific bit of advice to throw out just yet but it’s worth chewing on.

Dean’s Comic Booth is chock-full of abuse of — sometimes hilariously — copyright comic content.  I don’t want to pass judgement on whether it’s fair use or not but it is a heck of a funny concept — for the most part messing with just the last panel but sometimes a whole lot more.  Puts comics like Beatle Bailey and Blondie in a whole new light…

Penny Arcade, Inc. is looking for a Merchandise Manager

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