Weekend Hype: Jeff Gibbons

I picked up Jeff Gibbons’ mini comic Fading Memories #1: Caricatures at SPX this year.  A short little tale about the time he had to draw caricatures of the cast of his highschool play.  To be honest, there’s nothing actually all that exciting or moving about this comic to someone who wasn’t there, but it’s a story competently told (and that’s nothing to discount).  So I checked out his website (marketing 101 — URL on the mini? check!) an infrequently updated journal comic called Pretty Jeff.  It had a few moments (like this one and this one), but mostly it’s pretty rough.

Sometimes life isn’t all that interesting — there are reasons for fiction and crafting a tale that’s compelling is sometimes easier to do when you’re not bound by the constraints of your memory of how things actually were.  Don’t take this short blurb the wrong way (especially you Jeff if you ever read this) – I hope Gibbons keeps at it, maybe pushes himself to tell another complete story and take some liberties to make it truly compelling reading.


Xaviar Xerexes

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