Weekend Webcomic Update


This has been out there on the intertubes this week – Kevin Kelly wrote an essay on 1000 True Fans, the notion being that there is a sweet spot on the long tail for the working artist to make a living – not poverty and not superstardom.  Nothing earthshattering in it to most readers here, but well-written and a lengthy discussion ensues in the comments.  FLEEN picked up on it with a post yesterday on venture capital for comics.  Well actually Gary is just flagging the idea that print and swag costs money upfront that artists don't necessarily have to do those thing right (and in a way that will actually make real money on the back end).  So we have seen some folks call for pre-orders to help gauge interest before committing the money.  What about just getting someone else to float the money to the creator so there's no hurdle?  Well – let's think about it some.  If it was me I'd much rather invest in a Topatoco set-up; help that kind of thing expand, then give my money to a creator in the kind of scenario Gary is talking about.  But it's an interesting idea to think about.


You Thought We Wouldn't Notice, a blog focused on pointing out suspiciously similar designs.  FLEEN had great coverage of the recent Soap Swindle saga.


I'm out of the loop – when did Digg get a Comics And Animation section?


Checking out Xylia — anyone else reading this fantasy webcomic?

International History Club is neither international nor historical.  Discuss.

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