Weekend Webcomics Wrapup

I hope everyone had a good week – I was mostly offline, enjoying the beach.  I got back to discover a new Jellaby comic from Kean Soo.  One of the best kid-friendly comics out there and always a pleasure to see a new one online.

It was also fun to see ComixTalk included in Ataraxi Theater’s "webcomic merit badges" it posted this week — one of them is the "Eye of Xerexes" — awarded for drawing a cover to ComixTalk.  And there were a lot of other good links you might want to catch up on:

CBR had a good interview with Jon Rosenberg of Goats.
An interview with Brian McFadden of the topical webcomic Big Fat Whale
The Daily Cross Hatch has the first part of its interview with Jordan Crane

Andrew Farago finishes the first huge arc of his webcomic William Bazillion

Former syndicated newspaper comic creator Michael Jantze announced he was starting up a new webcomic titled Rave On
.  Why is this interesting in an era of many former print comic folks launching webcomics?  One, Jantze was an early defector from print, taking his comic The Norm to a pay-to-read model online.  I have not kept up with how that has gone for Jantze after some initial reporting, but perhaps it has gone well enough because he is using another pay-to-read model for this new webcomic Rave On.  Should be worth following up on.

A preview of the upcoming Act-I-Vate print collection

Webcomic — Sixteen Miles to Merricks by Barnaby Ward
Art — Robbi Rodriguez.

Brigid Alverson offers her thoughts on webcomic website design.

Comicrank looks like it might be an interesting twist on the comic ranking site model



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