Welcome to my flock

Hello Comixtalk readers, my name is Adrian Ramos, author of something called Count Your Sheep, and I’ll be your host this week, thanks to the kind invitation by Xavier. Being here is somewhat of an anomaly for me, as I’m not the most actively involved webcartoonist in the world, but like most artists, I have an inflated sense of self importance and I couldn’t resist the invitation to blog.

Having no idea how to be a blogger doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. It was the same thing with my comic. Here’s a little intro: one day, I came up with a comic about a single mother, her daughter and their imaginary friend, set somewhere in the northeastern United States. And there I was, a not yet married guy from somewhere in Mexico City with nothing but male nephews, daring to create characters from a different culture and in a different language.

So today it’s the same thing: I have no idea about the state of webcomics today, who is popular, who is not, the feuds, the collectives, the technologies and the information revolution ( I’m having trouble logging in to post this, actually.) I haven’t gone for drinks with other creators, gone to conventions, start my own, and I’m still waiting for some reader to ask me to be godfather to his or her upcoming baby.

In short, I don’t belong here, and yet here I am. Because I’m the old curmodgeon who has the mic, and you kids are not going to get off my lawn until I’m done with you.





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