Welcome to Week One of Comixpedia’s August issue!

Welcome to Week One of Comixpedia’s August issue!

This month, we have Kim Smuga-Otto’s review of Red String by Gina Biggs, with some discussion of shojo comics thrown in for you reading pleasure.

We also have Al Schroeder’s interview with Steven Withrow and John Barber on their new book, WEBCOMICS: Tools and techniques for digital cartooning.

And, finally, Erik Melander’s August edition of Through the Looking Back Glass, tackling the misery of editors and the big news items for July.



  1. Ok, I don’t know what’s up with the fonts in the left corner.

    Hopefully Xerexes will fix ’em really soon.

    In other news, he DID manage to find the bug that was causing links to be in a different font-size. I suspect this may be a side-effect. But YAY XEREXES! (Who da man? He’s da man!)

    Kelly J.

  2. Fixing the font bug was what messed up the article links. All better now.

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