Welcome to Week Three of Comixpedia’s September 2005 issue!

Welcome to Week Three of Comixpedia’s September 2005 issue!

Our feature this month is Part One of an exploration into action in webcomics by T Campbell.

Al Schroeder interviews the recently engaged Dave Roman of Astronaut Elementary in “Elementary Pop Quiz.”

And, in this month’s column, Ping Teo brings us The Essence of… Webcomics Time Loss.


We are always looking for new writers. If you are interested in writing for features, interviews, or reviews, please send an email to submissions@comixpedia.com and let us know.



  1. For anyone considering doing features, you might want to read this article. It’s about what a feature is, and isn’t and is fairly informative about the process of creating features at Comixpedia (although it was posted in January of 2004, so some things may have changed since then).

  2. Thanks John! I’m shocked anyone remembered that article.

    Everything’s pretty much the same except that now I’m the Editor in Chief, so we don’t pass things to Damonk anymore (he retired from Comixpedia), and we’ve formalized the column-as-feature into the “soapbox” offering.

    Plus we’re playing around with themes, trying to find a good fit between having them and leaving things themeless.

    Otherwise, it’s still on target in terms of writing, editing, timelines, etc.

    Kelly J. Cooper
    Comixpedia Editor

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