Welcome to Week Two of Comixpedia’s September 2005 issue

Welcome to Week Two of Comixpedia’s September 2005 issue

For your amusement this week, we have “Welton Colbert vs. The Daily Grind” by Ryan Estrada.

Al Schroeder interviews Segamu and Melissa DeJesus of Sokora Refugess in “High (Fantasy) School in Session”.

And, Eric A. Burns looks at the possible positive side-effects of September Syndrome in Feeding Snarky.

Plus, a few comments from the editor’s chair…

Welcome to any new readers, especially those who’ve come in on the college or university-based bandwidth for the first time.

We are always looking for new writers. If you are interested in writing for features, interviews, or reviews, please send an email to submissions@comixpedia.com and let us know.

If there’s something you think we should cover – a story we haven’t noticed, an event we didn’t record, a subject we should look into more deeply – please drop an email to submissions@comixpedia.com. We are eager to hear from you. Make sure you indicate whether you’d like to write the piece, act a source for it, or otherwise be involved.