Well Will There Be The Norm Or Not in 2005?

The Norm had a proposition for readers after creator Michael Jantze pulled his comic out of the newspaper and left his syndication deal. If he could get 4000 dues-paying members to his website he would keep making new The Norm comic strips.

The amount at issue is (at a minimum) 4000 x $25 or $100,000. That’s a lot really in terms of what’s been raised by the subscription/fundraising drive model but in some ways it’s possible that Jantze is a lot more famous than anyone who has gone this route.

The terms of the drive has always been 4000 or more equals new The Norm and 3999 or less equals a full refund of money to those donating. From the looks of the website they haven’t gotten to 4000 yet but I imagine we’ll hear the final results at some point in the next couple of days.


Xaviar Xerexes

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