Welton Colbert Guest Week

Welton Colbert, the world self-renowned comic reviewer, and retired cartoonist, is having a guest week.

Have you ever wanted Welton to review your work? Here's your chance. Draw a comic about Welton reviewing your comic. That's right, you get to review your own strip.

Things have been picking up for Welton. From his humble beginnings at RyanEstrada.com, he's moved onto the Webcomics Examiner, Comixpedia, Webcartoonist's Choice Awards, Webcomic Telethon, Adult Webcomic Telethon, Whispered Apologies, Squid and Ink, and many more.

But that's way too much work for an old man like Welton. So many webcomics to review, so little interest in reviewing them.

Welton has just learned about the concept of "Guest Week". The idea that he can get someone ELSE to make a comic for him while he does nothing has peaked that crazy old coot's interest.

Anyone is invited, so spread the word. All of the strips sent in will appear on RyanEstrada.com this December, and the best ones will appear in a very special edition of Welton Colbert on Comixpedia. Deadline is December 3rd. Size and format are all up to you. Only rule is he has to review something that YOU YOURSELF worked on.

Send strips to Ryan at ryanestrada dot com. To see Welton's reviews, go to http://www.ryanestrada.com/weltoncolbert.htm or look right here on Comixpedia.


Ryan Estrada