What Will History Hold For Webcomics?

Some answers but mostly good questions in a couple of threads about the (relatively) short history of webcomics.

Over at Talkaboutcomics, Ben asks:

I know cartooning is still considered sophomoric as an art and comic strip historians, the few that there are, emphasize the lack of history being kept about the medium. (I think it was Watterson who said he often wondered what comics would look like if each generation didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s so hard to find classic comics anymore.)

Anyway, the webcomic is something fairly recent (Within the last ten years) and most “old” webcomics are only about 3-4 years old. The oldest I’ve found is about 7. So is anyone keeping track of webcomic history?

And at Comicon, Miguel Estrugo asks:

Does anyone know [what] was the first webcomic specifically designed for the Internet, and when did [it] appear? I know this is a very tricky question, but I also know there are a few veterans around and they may know that. At least, tell me which was the very first online comic you ever saw, if you still remember it.

The second question is, what’s the oldest web comic still active? With this question I mean webcomics that were published for the first time on the Internet and are still being mainly published there.

Unfortunately these aren’t active threads, but they do attempt to answer some basic questions about who came first.


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