Whatever Happened to Bill Jemas’ 360

In the midst of a very good interview CWR has with Danielle Corsetto (creator of Girls With Slingshots) comes a bit about a once-hyped Internet-comics-thischangeseverything business:

Weren’t you part of ex-Marvel head honcho Bill Jemas’ 360 effort for a while? What happened with that?

To be honest, while I enjoyed the people I worked with there, I felt like 360ep was a hobby business. In other words, I was relying on them to do all of my merchandising, books, publicity, etc. for GWS, but they weren’t relying on my property for their own income, and that affected how hard they worked for me. The only merchandise they produced for me was a line of t-shirts which were available on a print-on-demand site… something I could have set up myself. After two years of little progress, I bought back my contract and started to create products on my own. It’s possible that 360ep is doing a great job with other properties; perhaps we just didn’t match up. Either way, it was a learning experience.



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