What’s On My Monitor for Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yes, yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day… Aargh and me hearties and polly wanna cracker…



  • Eh it's from last month, but I forgot to link to it. A pretty entertaining if short interview with Warren Ellis, around the release of his Black Summer comic from Avatar. For all of the scattershot musing and ideas Ellis blasts across cyberspace every FREAKIN' day I wish he could channel a little bit of it into a serialized webcomic. (Is Freak Angels ever going to…well get its freak on?)


  • Jack Carter reviews Boxcar Astronaut by Marc Lapierre and Jeff Carter and Kidnapped By Gnomes by Kathy Peterson. I've read and heartily recommend Boxcar Astronaut – which is almost Calvin & Hobbes-esque in its ability to capture innocent wonder at the world.


  • Someone pointed out Idiot Comics on a thread yesterday. It is largely good although as much funny-wha?! as funny-ha-ha… Definitely worth checking out.

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