What’s Up with Tyler Martin

I just spotted a "what’s going on" post at Tyler Martin’s LJ that should be of interest to anyone who reads his comics or uses his Comicpress theme for WordPress:

Been really busy this year. Worked on several projects. Some include the Webcomic related sites Comixtalk, PVP, Looking For Group, Least I Could Do and CAD the Series. Still working on a few more as well as the new version of ComicPress… 2.5, due out within the next week or so and it is going to rock for those trying to customize the layout.

My own comic, Wally & Osborne, has taken a back seat unfortunately. But I’m working to start it back up again soon with a new look and a new site. Even so the comic has been renewed to run another year at Funbrain, alongside Silent Kimbly and NY Times Bestseller Diary of A Wimpy Kid. The new comics will be appearing there soon as well.



Xaviar Xerexes

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