What’s Up With Webcomics Today

New Wowio owner Brian Altounian pledged to pay creators the money Wowio has owed for about a year now. (ht/ Tom Spurgeon)

Karen Montagus-Reyes writes about her now-not-syndicated, formerly syndicated comic, Clear Blue Water.  She started off with around 30 papers and didn’t add any for about four years until she was dropped by her syndicate.  No mention of a web strategy at all so I assume she is describing a pretty typical old-school syndication effort which not surprisingly is a really tough (read: impossible) road in the 21st century.  (Her strips appear to be posted at her website but without proper archives and navigation — someone get her a copy of Comicpress stat!)

Sequential Tart has two good interviews: one with Shaenon Garrity of Skin Horse, and one with Ethan Young of Tails.

New Ryan Estrada webcomic starting: Chillin’ Like Villains.


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