In Which the Next Guest Blogger Invades. Ow.

Hello, all! Thanks to Xaviar for asking me to guest blog at Comixpedia this week, and danke to Tim Demeter for passing my name along in the first place. It’s one of those opportunities where you reply with an instant “Yes!”, followed by a long pause — complete with crickets chirping — as you begin to wonder what to say. In such cases, we break the ice!

And by “we,” of course, I mean me.

So here goes the question: “Who am I?” Except, y’ know, asked in a totally non-existential sort of way.

I’m Lynn Lau, and I draw Jupiter, Bitters Past, and Hugo & Bana, along with some older stuff. I also interview Girlamatic creators on Outspoken!. That last one’s a bit easier. I don’t have to draw for it.

Most of my comics now are primarily intended for the web, but although I’d always been reading and drawing comics, I confess I first got into webcomics itself rather reluctantly. It happened when I was in college. My mom, being my mom, kept asking to see the comic strip I drew for the college paper. But she wasn’t content with being shown just one or two strips — no, she wanted it all.

Keep in mind she lives in Malaysia. And I’m in the US. E-mailing a whole slew of files to her every week just wasn’t going to work out in the long term.

No, really. Finicky Net connection, they had. Not a pretty thing.

So I put up a rudimentary website, basic enough that it would load easily, posted strips, and made sure to mention loud and clear on the site for other prospective visitors: “This is not a webcomic. I am not going to update every day. I update only once a week, or every two weeks, just so that my mom can see what it is that I do.”

. . . Yes, you can laugh at me now. What can I say? Webcomics are just that insidious.

And now that we have the pointing and laughing bit going on, consider the ice sufficiently broken! I will have more to entertain you with this coming week, so tune in often for your fix. Please hold off on pelting me with rotten fruit until the end of the week, will you? Xaviar will have less to clean up after, that way. The guy deserves his break, after all.


Lynn Lau