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  1. I originally posted this on my own message boards, but got a chuckle out of thinking about my meetings with Eisner, so I thought I’d share.

    I actually met Will Eisner on four separate occasions — all positive and all pretty memorable.

    1. 1994 Comic-Con.
    I was giving out the Melonpool bookmark when an “old timer” came by and pointed at the Sammy bookmark. “Now, that’s what I like to see,” he said, “We should have more stuff like this.” I looked up and saw his name badge. “Will Eisner.” I asked him if he’d like one and he said no — that he was given way too much stuff, but thanks anyway.

    After he left, I was so excited that I ran over to find my boss, Clydene Nee and told her that Jack Kirby had just been by. She looked at me funny, since Kirby had just died earlier that year. I’m such a dork.

    2. 1996 Comic-Con.
    I was being interviewed by the Sci Fi channel’s roving camera at one of the con’s Cafe tables. About two questions in, they asked me if I’d seen any famous people at the con. I looked over my shoulder and saw Eisner sitting in the table next to me eating a hot dog. I said, “Well — there’s Will Eisner.” and pointed over at him. At that point, my interview was over and they rushed over to his table to interview him.

    3. 2002 Comic-Con.
    I was manning the Melonpool booth — the one with all the Christmas lights and the light up displays. I looked up and saw Eisner looking at all the displays. He recognized Sammy and said, “I remember this little guy! Glad to see you’re still at it.” Then as he walked off, I stopped him and Greg snapped a picture with him:

    I asked if he wanted a book, and he replied that too many people gave him things, so no thanks.

    4. One other Comic-Con – circa 2003

    Maggie Thompson of Comic Buyer’s Guide” and I were talking during the set up part of con and we happened upon Eisner, signing about a million lithographs at one of the booths. She asked me if I’d ever met him and I said “not officially,” so she introduced me to him. Again, I tried to give him a book and he declined, saying that he was always being handed things.

    At this point, Maggie said “You should take a look at this. It’s good stuff.”

    Eisner paused and finally accepted it (I think it was Book III or IV) and said “If Maggie says to take it, it has to be good. She’s always been on the cutting edge.”

    So, Eisner will be missed, but I feel very lucky to have met him all the times that I did. Each one was a positive experience — much better than most of the celebrities I’ve come in contact with over the years.

    And he finally took a book. 😉


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