Wired News Reports on Ill-fated Business Plans for Comics on Cell Phones

Wired has a story called The Incredible Shrinking Comic about the trend towards putting comics onto cell phones for viewing. While this story is generally positive note the following paragraphs oh knwledgeable and sage 24 Hour Pixel People reader and wonder aloud why someone should pay 2 dollars a month for tiny comics on a celll phone when it is still unclear how many people will pay 2 dollars a month to read comics on a full size monitor.

Later this summer, an aggregation site called GoComics will expand to include offerings of strips like Doonesbury and La Cucaracha, all available to mobile-phone users willing to shell out $2 or $3 a month for access.

GoComics, which works with a number of comic-strip distributors and hopes to strike deals with comic-book makers like DC and Marvel, reports making 1 million sales in 2003. Nearly two-thirds of the customers are women, perhaps because they like the ability to personalize greetings, said co-managing director Chris Pizey.

Ultimately, GoComics hopes to convince cell-phone users to pay to see about 150 comic strips, many of which are now offered on the Internet for free. It’s been a challenge to “reteach or retrain” Web users to pay for content, said Pizey, who also works in the online side of the comics business.


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