WirePop announces the addition of Cat Boy // Mouse Girl

WirePop — www.wirepop.com — announced today the new webcomic “Cat Boy // Mouse Girl,” by Nancy Duong, will be joining the webcomic line-up on WirePop.com, the growing Manga and Manga-styled webcomic subscription magazine.

“I really love Nancy’s art style and story humor. When she submitted her comic ‘Cat Boy // Mouse Girl’ I knew we needed to have her on WirePop.” said George Panella, WirePops’ Publisher “In the mist of fantasy and sci-fi titles, ‘Cat Boy // Mouse Girl’ will add a much needed romantic comedy flavor to the WirePop line-up. Her comic will have you grinning in no time.”

Duong talked about “Cat Boy // Mouse Girl” saying, “This is the story of a timid girl going through life’s pains and having to grow up. It’s about a boy who’s cursed to spend his days as a cat and can only return to human form at night. Moreover, it’s about teenagers with identity crises, high school traumas, embarrassing romance failures, and a bit of magic thrown into the mix.”

Duong had this to say about joining the Manga subscription magazine WirePop.com, “A long time ago, I started a project entitled “RainGirl”. Due to several reasons, I dropped that project. Yet, I never gave it up and so over the years reworked it constantly. I thought to myself that if I were ever going to publish an online comic, this project would be the one. When I stumbled onto the WirePop website, I knew that this was the place where I wanted to showcase “Cat Boy // Mouse Girl” (formerly known as “RainGirl”). Aside from that, I felt that joining WirePop would be a really great experience for me.”

“Cat Boy // Mouse Girl” will debut on the WirePop.com website when it is launched later this year, and will be updated weekly. The latest episode of every WirePop webcomic will be free for anyone to read. “This new industry of publishing comics online is affording readers a new way to access quality, professional comics that was never really possible in the print world. The diligent reader can read the WirePop.com webcomics for free if they keep up with the weekly updates,” said Panella “but the paying subscriber will gain access to more content, extras and the ever growing archive of WirePop webcomics.” WirePop.com subscription prices will be $2.95 a month or $24.95 a year. Paying subscribers will have access to all on-going WirePop.com webcomics and archives plus exclusive subscriber only comics. They will also have access to exclusive content and features such as: Galleries, Downloads, Comic Bookmarks, Creator Journals and more.

About WirePop
WirePop.com is the first online publisher and subscription site of Manga and Manga-styled English comics. WirePop will be publishing 20 exclusive webcomics by independent comic book creators on its’ upcoming website WirePop.com. WirePop.com is one of the first genre specific webcomic subscription publishers and will be expanding into printed comics in the near future.

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