WirePop announces the addition of Night Silver

WirePop — www.wirepop.com — announced today the new webcomic “Night Silver,” by Svetlana Chmakova, will be joining the webcomic line-up on WirePop.com, the growing Manga and Manga-styled webcomic subscription magazine.

“When we received word that Svetlana, already known for her comic ‘Chasing Rainbows’ on Girlamatic, was going to submit a comic to WirePop we knew we were in for a big treat.” said George Panella, WirePops’ Publisher “Svetlanas’ comics flow with so much creativity that you are just drawn into her stories from the first page. Her purely polished art and style would have you convinced that she’s been at this her whole life and then some. We are really happy to have her be a part of WirePop and we know our subscribers will agree.”

Svetlana talked about “Night Silver” saying, “This is a story that combines everything that drew me into Japanese comics and animation. It has the lush visuals that the fantasy genre allows and the slapstick comedy to which manga-style lends itself so well, with its chibi-ism and hilarious expressions. I dare to think that “Night Silver” is one of my best stories so far, well spiced with intrigue, adventures, romance and unexpected plot twists, accompanied by what I hope will get a few laughs from my readers. It’s a story about a girl who has no magic but who just doesn’t let go of the idea that she is special. And some big-time magicians are about to call her bluff… Because she IS special, as these stories go. Just not the way she wants.”

Svetlana had this to say about joining the Manga subscription magazine WirePop.com, “WirePop impressed the socks off me and I am not easily impressed. Everything from the beautiful and user-friendly site design to the professional conduct of the staff was just screaming “quality!!!” and it was manga-oriented to boot! A few mouse clicks into the site and a glance over the submission guidelines later I was completely seduced and rushed off to polish up a story I’d been meaning to submit to a publisher of paper comics. I wanted it to be on WirePop because I think this is a great project. It is a future for all the artists who right now are toiling on their webcomics for nothing other than a pat on the back and the fan-mail. Which is great, mind you, but it doesn’t pay the bills, and for the ridiculously large amount of time it takes to produce a good comic book page, a pat on the back sometimes isn’t enough to keep doing it. WirePop and other comic subscription sites like girlamatic.com and moderntales.com are the perfect opportunity for fans to support their favorite creators with something other than pats on the back, while getting great content/value for their dollar. WirePop is also giving off a strong vibe of being a very friendly community, where manga-loving fans and creators could get together and just have fun! I am really looking forward to being a part of this, it’s shaping up to be an exciting ride.”

“Night Silver” will debut on the WirePop.com website when it is launched later this summer, and will be updated weekly. The latest episode of every WirePop webcomic will be free for anyone to read. “This new industry of publishing comics online is affording readers a new way to access quality, professional comics that was never really possible in the print world. The diligent reader can read the WirePop.com webcomics for free if they keep up with the weekly updates,” said Panella “but the paying subscriber will gain access to more content, extras and the ever growing archive of WirePop webcomics.” WirePop.com subscription prices will be $2.95 a month or $24.95 a year. Paying subscribers will have access to all on-going WirePop.com webcomics and archives plus exclusive subscriber only comics. They will also have access to exclusive content and features such as: Galleries, Downloads, Comic Bookmarks, Creator Journals and more.

About WirePop
WirePop.com is the first online publisher and subscription site of Manga and Manga-styled English comics. WirePop will be publishing 20 exclusive webcomics by independent comic book creators on its’ upcoming website WirePop.com. WirePop.com is one of the first genre specific webcomic subscription publishers and will be expanding into printed comics in the near future.

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