Working on Planet Z!

So after a long break from regularly posting any comics (really almost 3+ years) I'm focused on making some again. Putting them up on the web is nice if it gets me any feedback plus like a lot of others it's nice to see your work up on the screen in sequence.

Step one of setting up a website I took care of last year in resurrecting into a functional site again. I'm using a slightly modified version of Greg Stephen's ZWOL script (which is really nice btw) which supports multiple comics on one site.

I have lots of unfinished comic projects but I decided to pick up on Planet Z! again since I've always been so-so at best and I'm fairly rusty right now so I'm going to suck more then usual for sometime. In any event the bulk of Planet Z! to date is from 2004 except for a few "intro" comics I just did and the last three (basically this week's installments). Planet Z! is basically an exercise in genre mash-up: sci-fi + fantasy + war movies (WWII-era). It's the kind of thing I like (anyone remember the movie Krull?) and I hate to subject it to such substandard treatment in creating it now but it's also a good one to practice on as it provides a lot of different things to draw.


Xaviar Xerexes

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