Yirmumah Strips For Free Three Times A Week on PV Comics

More news from PV Comics – DJ Coffman’s comic is available for free three times a week on the subscription PV Comics site:

When a hot young comic book mogul is building his empire, he needs the best stable of artists money can buy … but Zen Cartoonist Drew Price has moved beyond such material considerations! Can you really resist the siren call of creativity when India ink runs through your veins? DJ Coffman’s irreverent fan-favorite Yirmumah! returns in a Monday/Wednesday/Friday strip incarnation!”

The strip is co-written by D.J. Coffman and Robert McDeavitt, and drawn by Coffman. The duo are no strangers to the comic strip format, developing many daily comics for syndicates, including their own “Gravity” strip which ran in over 50 papers in the United States and online for free.

Yirmumah has taken many forms over the years. It began as a semi-autobiographical mini comic by Coffman, but grew into a way for him to mock and ridicule things in the comic industry as well, and transformed into a bitter satirical wrap sheet of what was what in comic news, lampooning the biggest and not so brightest that comics had to offer. The strip then took a webcomics form at PV Comics.com in January of 2004 turning it’s eye toward pop-culture. In May, the New Yirmumah Mini Comic was made available, “how to get a job in comics” , which is still available at http://www.comixpress.com

“Yirmumah is just a way for me to release things that bug me, as well as poke fun at things in a special way. We’re not just about ONE thing. Too many creators pigeon hole themselves into one format, which is silly. If I feel like doing a strip format, so be it, if I feel like doing an 8 pager about a certain topic, GREAT, we can do that too. One thing is for sure, no one is safe from our brand of humor. I can promise you that.” Coffman says.

You can find Yirmumah Mon/Wed/Fri at http://www.pvcomics.com and everyday at http://www.yirmumah.net .


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