You Can Put Lipstick on a Webcomic, But…

CBR talks with Danielle Corsetto, the creator of the damn-funny Girls With Slingshots.

I wrote a recent review of Faith Erin Hicks’ graphic novel Zombies Calling and completely missed some visual storytelling involved in the "infection" and some other bits about the main characters.  Over at the SLG blog, editor Jennifer deGuzman shows me the light!

For all I know this will be a really good webcomic.  After all it’s been "more than ten years in development.".  But the press release is stressing that the new comic from Kelly J. Compeau, The Black Tower, is "an ad-supported interactive webcomic series targeted at environmentally conscious teens and adults."  Oh it gets better.  Let me just snip from the press release:

What’s unique about this project is the interactive element, a first in the comics industry. Every issue of "The Black Tower" will be made available online…  with clickable links to product placement advertisers, music videos and YouTube/MySpacetv shorts (live-action extensions of the comic book), Wikipedia pages and internal Black Tower factoid/who’s-who webpages, to help new readers get up-to-speed on what’s going on. There will also be links to fully functional faux websites seen being accessed by characters in the webcomic, and blogs written "in character", with comments posted by devoted fans who choose to play along with the charade. All readers have to do to access these special features (Easter eggs) is roll their mouse over the panel featuring the "Interactive Icon" (the little black & white X in the bottom corner of the pic) and they’ll be taken to a website that may feature the product shown in that panel, or it may take them to a music video for the band featured in that panel, or a character’s MySpace page etc. If the comics do exceptionally well over the first two of its expected six-year run, Compeau hopes to expand "The Black Tower" empire by launching a video game companion, paperback novels, action figures, board games, trading cards, toy props & weapons, posters, calendars, and a clothing & jewelry line, among other things.

In all seriousness, this could be a lot of fun but oy that press release is not helping…



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