You Must Read BrambleTown

BrambleTown by Brent Wood is a webby webcomic. It uses sound, animation, hyperlinks and the whole notion of encompassing multiple contents on a single website to create a truly enjoyable webcomic. None of the above elements I’ve mentioned is in the least bit intrusive or glommed on unnecessarily to the comic itself. I really think Wood has crafted a comic that while not remarkable in terms of story or art (and only the first of at least three chapters has been presented on the website) is a really, really good webcomic because of it’s use of much that only the web makes possible..

Of course I missed the (c) of 2003 last night. It just goes to show how much STUFF is on the web that I missed something like this (of course others like Scott McCloud have had this one on their links list before). So what’s the deal though – did Wood give up on finishing this innovative webcomic?


Xaviar Xerexes

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