You So Late: A Review of The Second Crying Macho Man Collection

I’ve had You So Loco: the Second Crying Macho Man Collection book by Jose Cabrera to read and read again this summer and it’s about time I get on my ass and write the review for it.  I interviewed Jose Cabrera about his comic earlier this year and my impression of his work hasn’t changed much.  He likes to take bits of pop culture (and political figures as well) and mix them up, usually with a visual pun.

Sometimes he’s making a point, a comment on something, but more often than not he’s using it solely for a joke.  It’s over-the-top, mostly gross-out humor but it does make you laugh (especially if you’re not easily offended).  I have to be honest, a good chunk of the time Cabrera actually does go way over the line for me to the point where I just get grossed out too much to find it funny, but for many fans of this type of humor you’ll probably have a higher threshold than myself.

Many, if not all of these comics have appeared on Cabrera’s website, often in color, so there is some downside to only having black and white versions in the book.  Still the book is nicely done and the comics fit very well in the book’s square shape dimensions.  For extra content, there’s a foreward by cartoonist Michael Aushenker and a series of one panel comics, mostly about "Mustaches From Around the World".  Not really enough to make the book unique — buy the book if you’re a fan of the webcomic who wants to hang onto the work in print (and help support Cabrera) or if you just don’t like reading comics on the web.  It’s a decent amount of comics for the $12 bucks.

As far as some of my favorites in the book, they include the one with Martin Luther King googling his name, a Starbucks parody, a series on a diabetic bear, the one called "Sanford and Rom", and one with a diabetic Cookie Monster.  Cabrera has also made the musician Prince into sort of a weird recurring character.  Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much.


Note: The creator provided a free copy to ComixTalk for review purposes.

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