Zine-a-poloza!2006 July 30th,2006

ZAP!06 or Zine-a-polooza!06 DIY Media Expo Will Be Held July 30th, 2006 in Duluth, GA.

ZAP!06 Do It Yourself Media expo for small press,webcomic creators, zinesters, crafters, and indie filmmakers are coming to the second annual one day convention in Duluth at Winfield Hall.There they will get together to network, trade, buy, & sell their wares. This one day convention will be held on July 30th. Tables and vendor booths are still available cheaply.

Admission price is $3.00.

For any questions email us directly at postmaster@girafnetwork.org but please check out the website zine-a-polooza.info for updates!