It’s HALLOWEEN folks.  What’s your costume this year?  I drew a quick sketch of an idea last night I posted at Fright Night.org called Zombie Gorilla.  Now I think there’s a whole comic there that needs to be done! 🙂  I googled last night but couldn’t really find anything on gorilla zombies so maybe I’m charting new territory?  (Let me know if I’m overlooking pre-existing work in this genre!)

You all are reading this site now right?  A great site that reminds me in spirit a heck of a lot of the earliest incarnation of ComixTalk/Pedia (and more power to them).  I still like writing and talking comics here, but heck, the Halfpixel guys are all talented creators and they’re stirring up a lot of excitement over there to talk shop and help everyone interested in webcomics get better at it.  That’s pretty cool and I am having fun over there reading other people writing smart about webcomics.  Let’s hope they’re able to steer a course clear of trolling and other Internet nonsense that has plagued many webcomic sites before (including this one in years past).

The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Keith Knight about a recent comic he did that seems to have garnered a lot of reaction.  Good interview with a talented cartoonist – go read to find out the whole story.


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