1000 BoxJam Doodles

BoxJam’s Doodle will celebrate the posting of its 1,000th installment on Monday, February 24, 2003.

Initially intending to call the milestone, “A Thousand Doodles That Changed the World,” BoxJam was dissuaded by his wife, who noted the innacuracy of it. “Besides,” she said, “it makes you sound like an asshole.”

BoxJam said, “In all honesty, this is an accomplishment that I’m really proud of, but especially humbled by. The Webcomic community has been very supportive of my work, and I think more than anything it’s that support that’s helped me turn something that started out as a hobby into a true avocation. – and while ultimately satisfaction has to come from the inside, encouragement from the outside has been really rewarding.”

Longtime fan Lee Herold said the 1,000th doodle is a real milestone for a comic that started on a personal Web site in 1999. “BoxJam’s Doodle really connects with people, and that’s very gratifying to the readers,” he said. “It shows that what makes a comic strip good is not flashiness, or slick art, but the ability to get somebody laughing and making it look effortless.”

A book collection of the best doodles will be coming out later this year, and the comic strip will also be featured in a book coming out this summer: “Toon Art – The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning” (Steven Withrow, Watson Guptill Publications, 2003).


Xaviar Xerexes

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